Jessie's Garden - Gallery 6


Emerald Path

It was an overcast spring morning and Joyce Kilmer Forest was bathed in soft light.  This small path off the main trail wove it's way through a plush green carpet of White Violets, Rue-Anemone, Mayapple and countless other varieties of groundcover.


Little Santeetlah Creek

"Oh, that's Little Santeetlah"  This must be one of the most recognized spots in Graham County, found at the picnic area of Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest.

Yellow Grove

Autumn along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Haywood County, NC, provides scenes of absolute beauty.  This stand of Poplar, Birch and Beech trees glowed a warm yellow in the October sun.

Stecoah Sunrise

This was taken early one late summer morning at Stecoah Gap on the Appalachian Trail.  It has to be the best spot in Graham County to watch the sun come up, making for inspirational Easter sunrise services.

Dry Falls

Found in Macon County, NC, these falls are magnificent year round.  The leaves are just beginning to turn in this picture providing for many different shades of green and yellow.

Buck Creek Mirror

The waters around the edge of this small creek in Macon County, NC, were perfectly still and covered with fallen autumn leaves.  It gave a beautiful reflection of the deep blue sky and the surrounding trees.


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