Jessie's Garden - Gallery 4


Henry Fonda Rose

This bush is actually growing in Jessie's memorial garden at my home in Robbinsville, NC.  I took this picture early one morning with the dew still fresh on the petals. I am partial to yellow roses and the color and symmetry  of this one was just beautiful. (I know it's not a wildflower, but I had to put it in)

Spotted Touch-Me-Not

These spindly bushes thickly intermingle with a wide variety of other wildflowers forming a plush hedge surrounding Jessica's Garden.  Throughout spring, summer and into fall this hedge is covered with multicolored flowers.

Purple Nodding Trillium

Standing proud among the great trees in the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, was this Trillium.  It appeared to be sunning itself and just glowing from the warm June sun.

Tulip Poplar

This particular tree is growing in my backyard in Robbinsville, NC.  It not only provides me with abundant shade and a cool breeze, it also offers these spring blooms in soft shades of green and yellow - best viewed from a hammock.


Caught this bumblebee in mid-flight on its pollen gathering mission one afternoon on Tatham Gap Road in Graham Co., NC.  Upon closer inspection, I was able to find several other smaller insects hiding in the picture.


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