Jessie's Garden - Gallery 3


Black-eyed Susan

This independent little flower caught my eye as I was walking along the Appalachia Trail one morning in June. It seemed to insist on being seen as it reached out through a tangle of briars and weeds.

Bouquet of Sunflowers

Black-eyed Susans were bountiful this year in Western North Carolina.  They blanketed roadsides, fields, and hiking trails with bright, vivid color.  Growing in large clusters, they seemed to delight in each others company.

Crested Dwarf Iris

Snuggled amongst the poison ivy along the banks of Tallulah Creek in Graham County, were these small colorful flowers growing contentedly in bunches and clusters.

Iris Basket

The roots of what I believe is an old Black Cherry tree, have formed a basket to hold these Crested Dwarf Irises, some of the first to bloom in May.  This was found growing over Tallulah Creek in Graham County.


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