Jessie's Garden - Gallery 2


Multiflora Rose

I was told I probably would not be able to give away a picture of the multiflora rose in this area because of what a nuisance they can become growing thick along fence lines, but aren't they beautiful!

Mountain Laurel

Along the cool, shady banks of Santeetlah Creek running through Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, these white Mountain Laurel grow thick, but only bloom for a short period in late May - early June.


This cluster of Milkweed blooming along Cherohala Skyway in Graham County, NC, had attracted a large number of butterflies and moths.  This moth was very cooperative, striking a nice pose with wings open.

Good Morning Glory

These Morning Glory vines wind their way around and through the thick hedge of wild roses, honeysuckle, touch-me-nots and black berries that grow along the fenceline and down to the small creek that defines my backyard.


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